How to Create a Serene Seating Arrangement in Your Master Bedroom Suite

Your master bedroom should be a relaxing area that you enjoy at any and all times of the day. If you are fortunate enough to have a bedroom large enough to accommodate seating, you should do so. Seating in this room should be considered carefully, or the bed becomes the place for seating and sleeping, which isn’t always relaxing. The size of your master bedroom, seating preference, and decorative style will be a couple of the factors when choosing the right seating. Determine if you will use your seating for reading, relaxing, or for decoration. Whatever your preference, here are tips to help you choose the seating perfect for you.

Assess your space. While most of us would love to have a couch, chaise loungers, and a full seating area in our master bedrooms, this isn’t always possible. One thing you should never do, is force is. If you don’t have the room, accept it. Don’t try to fit seating where there is no room to do so, or your room will look cluttered. Determine how much space you have to work within your room. A bay window or area adjacent to the main master bedroom area is ideal. If you don’t have this, a chair in a corner may suit your needs as well. For extra tight master bedrooms, consider doing away with one nightstand and replacing with a comfortable chair. 

Be practical about the function. How will you use your bedroom? In many master bedrooms, there is plenty of room for a seating area. If you have plenty of room, consider oversized reading chairs with ottomans or chaise lounges that allow you to relax and spread out. Create a conversation area with two or more chairs and a small table between them. A cushioned chair with a table lamp and a throw blanket will do the trick. 

Have your seating compliment the bed. In the master bedroom, the bed should absolutely be the focal point. Choose seating that compliments it in color, form, materials, or all of the above. A small bench or seat at the end of the bed makes for a perfect place to put clothes, jacket, or your purse on, without messing up the made bed. Create a pulled together look with a custom headboard and matching upholstery fabric on your chairs.

Multiple seating areas. To create more than one seating area, determine your lifestyle for your master bedroom. If you regularly have your kids come in the morning to watch television, your seating should accommodate this. A love seat couch, and separate desk chairs, and conversation areas can be created to make your bedroom serve as a “living master bedroom” area. Your seating should reflect your lifestyle and too many or too little seating should only be defined by you. 

Your master bedroom seating should be a room that you are proud to wake up in. Determine your needs, space, and what types of seating you enjoy. For space saving ideas, consider buying storage ottomans that can open for storage of books and magazines. If your bed sits high off the floor, consider movable seating that can roll under the bed, and be pulled out when needed. Don’t let space be a deterrent of why you can’t have beautiful seating in your master bedroom.

2 thoughts on “How to Create a Serene Seating Arrangement in Your Master Bedroom Suite

  1. I like this article a lot, however, the majority of Americans do not have a bedroom suite large enough to accommodate an entire seating conversation area in their bedroom…though I do wish I did 🙂

  2. I don’t think thats true. What you’re saying is that only an expensive house has a bedroom suite big enough for a seating area. There are many homes that are not expensive that have larger bedroom suites. It all depends on the builder, and which rooms they chose to maximize the square footage in.

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